Singer Davido expecting baby number 2

– News about Davido expecting a second child from a different woman has been going on for a while- The Aye singer has confirmed the rumours and he is indeed expecting a child with American-based girlfriend, Mandy

The new year has been great for Davido who is inching his way to becoming a global artist. The 24-year-old musician began his music career shortly after he graduated from Nigerian private university Babcock. After a brief relationship with ex girlfriend, Davido became a father and now is expecting baby number two from another woman.
Rumours of Davido expecting another child has been floating all over the internet for a while. Rather than put a pin in it, the singer has now confirmed that he is set to be a dad for the 2nd time.

The couple have been spotted on romantic dates in Atlanta, Georgia and Mandy visited Lagos in December 2016. His girlfriend, Mandy is American born by African parents.

Tonto Dikeh allegedly attacks estranged husband’s body guard

– Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh gets exposed by crime fighter in Ghana

– After telling all about her failed marriage to fans, a new report of her violent behaviour has been revealed

– The video reveals how Tonto Dikeh allegedly pulled a gun on estranged husband’s guard and destroyed properties

Tonto Dikeh is a Nigerian actress who has ventured into philanthropy with her lunch of The Tonto Dikeh Foundation. An initiative created to empower less privileged kids in the Nigerian society.
Tonto might be one of the women fighting for a good cause but her philanthropy is opposite of her failed marriage to Oladunni Churchill. Tonto who recently released a tell all video exposing the wrongs she faced in marriage including domestic violence has had the world crashing at her feet.
According to reports of a recently released video by Asempa News in Ghana, Tonto pulled a gun on one of her husband’s guards. This is contained in details of a statement lodged by Tonto’s estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill read by a crime officer named Supt. Joseph Oppong.
According to the crime officer, Oppong, Oladunni had called from his home in Ghana to report his wife who was allegedly cursing and destroying properties because she caught her husband cheating. The report stated that Dikeh destroyed properties worth 7.5 million naira.

Tonto immediately responded to the accusation by posting a hot photo of herself with vengeful caption. She said: “The truth will always provoke lies..Laughing and dancing to my New song.. #Readyournews #Gunmyfeet #drunkmyfeet #Liars#theonlythingyougetrightyourlies#Thingsyahooboysdo #IliveyoutoGod #Fraudster#Jesuswonalready #Toofocusedonpostivity#saynotodomesticvoilence #tontodikehfoundation#Whoreadsthenewsofhowyoukilledourunbornsthru domestic violence #Samemanwhoreadyournewsshouldlookinyoyour419schemesaswell #Godovereverything•••”

2-year-old girl who was born deaf speaks for the first time (photos, video)

– Teyana Gladden was born deaf. She recently acquired a hearing aid and can now hear her own voice and that of her weeping mom

– Earlier on, Gladden could only hear muffled sound. She had never heard her voice, as she was born with one ear completely blocked and the other with severe deformity

– Unfortunately, hearing was not the only problem that this little girl had. At the time of her birth, doctors found that she had so many complications

A two year old girl who was born deaf hears and speaks for the first time, leaving her emotionally overwhelmed mother in tears.

Teyana Gladden was recently equipped with hearing aid that enabled her to hear her own voice for the first time since she was born. She could even hear her mom uncontrollably weep, prompting her to comfort the mother.
She asked her mother to stop crying after discovering her new voice. She said: “It’s okay mama! Stop crying now.
Earlier on, Gladden could only hear muffled sound. Doctors say she was born with one ear completely blocked and the other severely deformed.

Olga Arnold (Gladden’s mother) reportedly filmed her daughter speaking for the first time at Anderson-Oconee Speech and Hearing Services. She started talking after a bone anchor hearing device was fitted into her ears.

The mother, a hospital receptionist, says it was a miracle. She posted the heartwarming video online and it immediately went viral.

Her mother said: “She is adjusting well to the new hearing aid and has began dancing along to music, which she previously could not listen to. She is starting to understand sound. It’s really sweet.”

She added that when they are in the car and the music is on, Gladden starts to move to the beat because she can properly hear now.

Doctors say Gladden was also born with ‘Tetralogy of Fallot’, a rare congenital heart disease which stops oxygen from reaching the heart.

Because of her heart condition, Arnold, said she underwent her first surgery soon after she was born.

Arnold said: “She was airlifted to Charlestone for an open heart operation and has since been recovering.” The mother says she needs a g-tube to be fed at night. She also at some point had problem growing hair.

“We have been through hell, health-wise, but I believe my baby will get better. Teyana gives me strength.She gives us all strength.”
The family can only hope for the best for the little girl.

Nigerian man dives into dirty ‘gutter’ to celebrate FC Barcelona’s victory (photos)

Over the years, it has been disclosed that the only thing that unites everyone all over the world, is football.

The pictures of this Nigerian man have gone viral on the social media, as he was spotted swimming and having fun in a dirty gutter in order to celebrate the victory of FC Barcelona, on Wednesday, March 8.

Looking at the picture, one could see that the man was so happy and feeling himself in the gutter rocking only his pant.

Nawa o!

Tonto Dikeh’s marriage drama continues…

The brouhaha surrounding Tonto Dikeh and her estranged husband Olakunle Churchill has taken a whole new turn as the actress in a recent interview spoke at length about their issues.

She presented photos confirming the rumors that she was physically abused by Churchill, confirming that actress Rosy Meurer did sleep with him and at some point, she ran to the Nigerian embassy in Ghana without her clothes after Churchill beat her up.
Going further, Tonto said two women have contacted her saying they have kids for Churchill and also, she has no issues with her mother in law adding that her granting the interview is no way to embarrass her husband.

See another photo below:

Watch her interview with Media Room Hub below:

How Nigerian women and even men have become addicted to bleaching.

7 Nigerians before and after bleaching.
A flawed and possible distorted believe suggests that light-skinned women are perceived as more beautiful. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) an estimated 77 percent of women in Nigeria are dedicated subscribers of skin lightening creams and products.

This trend of lightening pigment is not limited to women alone, men have joined in this “beauty” seeking bandwagon. Most skin lightening products are not effectively regulated and this opens door for cheap, black market alternatives and are likely dangerous and capable of harming the health of its users.

There’s no saying when this addiction will be curbed or stopped as many with their hard earned and meager resources chase after products they believe will enhance their flawed idea of beauty. In the end, we understand the primary need of every human is to be loved and desired, so any way to achieve this burning “need” can e tied to our survival instinct.


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Bobrisky finally shares a photo of his male bae.

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju aka Bobrisky is a bleaching expert who has termed himself, Nigerian’s first male barbie.

He is Snapchat popular and known for boasting about his skin and his lover aka ‘bae’ who many have concluded is male. On November 29, Bobrisky posted a series of Snapchats on his way to bae including one of him caressing his lover’s legs.

He also showed off the money that bae gave him after he finished kissing and making him happy.
We are yet to see the full face of this ‘bae’.